Training Programs

Sunshine Positive Discipline Training

Training for parents, families, and carers are available to help support children’s development in a more positive way. Parent training sessions are offered in both groups and individual sessions, depending on the conditions and the client’s needs. The content of each training session will also be modified to be best suited to parents and carers’ needs. This training is aimed at empowering parents and carers to acquire new skills and be equipped with knowledge on child development, child behavior, and positive discipline techniques, in order to understand and help your children grow into the person they want to be.

Sunshine Attachment Building Program

Sunshine Attachment Building Program aims at helping to improve and support the relationship between the child and their parents/carers. The program focuses on educating and teaching parents/carers about how attachments are formed, and what they can do to ensure and enhance a secure emotional bond with their children. This Attachment Building Program is effective in repairing existing insecure attachments, as it seeks to interrupt the transmission of poor attachments across generations.
Sunshine Attachment Building Program consists of 12 sessions of interventions. Before the intervention starts, assessments will be done by the psychologist to gain insights and detailed information about the clients. During the training period, the psychologist and parents/carers will be meeting each other weekly to discuss and learn about child-centered, non-directive play, and will be observing the child’s play sequences and play themes regularly, by spending about 10 minutes, 5 times a week. Lastly, the psychologist will evaluate all the sessions and outcomes in an Evaluation Session.

Topics covered during these meetings are:

Post Graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills

This course is accredited by all leading UK-based organizations such as Play Therapy International (PTI), Play Therapy United Kingdom (PTUK), Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy (APAC), and is delivered by Nectar Services.
Throughout this course, participants will acquire a wide range of therapeutic play techniques by using play, different types of equipment, toolkits, and other mediums, to enable them to practice safely and effectively with children in order to develop and enhance children’s psychological well-being. Participants of this course will also learn how to work with children therapeutically to help them enhance their emotional well-being and develop their emotional literacy.
Students of this course will gain valuable experiences of working with other members of the course about the roles and responsibilities of the therapeutic relationships. Most of this course will be classroom-based experiential learning, and students will also receive tutorials, teachings, and lectures from a course director who has over 12+ years of professional experiences.
The Certificate that students will receive after the completion of this course is recognised by the UK Department of Health and the UK Professional Standards Authority.
For more information about this course, please visit this link: Click here